Fashion Is Art - Switch It Up

Any woman can wear a dress... but it takes a woman with magic to funk it up with an off the shoulder style OR EVEN BETTER reRock it with shorts!


When was the last time you got creative with what's already in your closet and did the unexpected! Try a new look, show off some thing new, perhaps a side of you that's been hidden for so long. Adding a contrasting print to a monotone look can really spark up conversation in the office, but more importantly evoke self confidence because you actually had the nerve to wall out the door and wear it... so flaunt it!

For me, showing my legs/thighs is a MAJOR unexpected feat because I have ALWAYS been insecure about them. Me? Erika? Shorts? Publically? NO!!!!! But there comes a time when you learn to embrace who YOU are, be it your curves, height, or hair and accentuate your natural assets! #beUnapologetic 



I challenge you this week to make Fashion your Art, an expression of self. Express your beauty, uniqueness, insecurities. Get creative, add more color, snatch it in at the waist so its tailored for your beautiful natural curves! We gotta fall back in love with ourselves Glitterdolls, and if it helps, just know I LOVEEEEE YOUR JUICY CURVES!!!! 🦄💖💋 #WhatsYourFreedom 

Shop the look 🛍 - FREEDOM 



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