How-To Sew & Style: ROCK Stilettos with Sweatpants (Make It Sexy!πŸ’‹)

Hey Glitterdolls!!!

Sweatpants & stilettos, sounds opposing right?Β  Interestingly enough, my style can be a bit off-the-wall & always unapologetic - some days I want to wear a gown to Target, other days a fitted cap & sweatpants do my heart justttt fine and dandy! But how can we merge sexy slay & sweatpants together? Take a look at what I did & get inspired!

The number one key is ATTITUDE! That no-one-can-tell-me-nothin-I-know-I-look-good, sexy Aaliyah swag & femininity. Head high, back arched, boobs out (well chest for my gents lol!) - that confidence can never be purchased and unless you're born with it, it takes dedicated, effort to uphold yourself in the highest regard. It's a daily action that I encourage everyone to commit themselves to - if you woke up, show up & show out, unapologetically!

Back to the threads, I purchased 2.5 yards of this super soft heather grey fleece from my local fabric store and ordered Ankara fabric from my go-to African fabric supplier. I knew I wanted to blend comfy, sexy swag and colorful, vibrant culture in a custom 2 - piece set. Crop top & sweatpants with a bad-azz pair of heels - SIGN ME UP!Β 

Here are my cut & sew steps:

1. Sketch the look! Gotta see the vision, right!?

2. Lay out fabric and make sure the stretch is going in the right direction to adhere to the curvessss (hips, thighs & booty for me! Lol!πŸ‘)

3. Lay crop top & sweatpants patterns on top of fleece fabric

4. Pin & start cutting πŸ“βœ‚οΈ

5. Create an additional design for Ankara accent piece using the fleece cut-out as a guide. (I wanted a swirl patch on the top and one side on pants leg.)

6. Start sewing. I added a black, red and white trim to the waist band and a back pocket with Ankara fabric for a unique pop! ANNND A SIDE SLIT for a little thigh action, an unapologetic blend of Miami Fall/Winter slay! πŸŒžπŸ‚πŸƒ

7. Fit and make adjustments for perfect tailoring.

8. Style & SLAY


ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE LOOK! And had a great time creating and ROCKING IT! 😍

I'll be sharing more DIY tutorials & videos so you can start creating your own slay! Online classes will be starting soon under The Glitter Academy so be sure to sign-up on my newsletter to register! And you dare not feel intimated! These will be fun, courses guided by your Fairy SLAYmother (me!), who is a self-taught designer that has learned and made mistakes along the way! I can definitely share helpful tips and sewing hacks for beginners and intermediate learners.Β 

I'm excited to share the SLAY & see what you guys create yourselves!

One stitch at a time... one slay at a time! #TheGlitterAcademy #Online #ComingSoon


~Glitter Kisses πŸ§šπŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ’‹


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