#LOTD: Transition from Summer to Fall🌞🍂🍃

Hey Glitterdolls!

Welp, how do we bid farewell to Summer without totally leaping forward into Fall? Trust me, I know you are totally ready to strap on your boots, a scarf, and a trenchcoat all in the name of FALL! However, here are a few subtle tips to transition into the new season without doing-the-most! (Especially if you live in Miami, like me, where we rarely get a change of season. It's always sunny!🌞, but that won't leave us out of the FALL slay.)

A high-neck crop top is a great seasonal transition piece with a cross-body tote to compliment those POCKETS! 

💡Fabric Tip : Allow texture and fabrics to help you color outside of the lines. My felt fedora hat gives a Fall vibe without over doing it.

🍩 (Do-Nut) Go There. #DoYouGetIt LOL! Absolutely love my shoes, talk about a super cute way to say "I'm chilling, stylish and fun!" And if the shoes don't say it, the oversized glasses definitely will!


So, remember to add different accessories and textures to your ensemble. It's not always about the pieces of clothing, sometimes it's the small sparkle of pixie dust that creates the unapologetic magic.


Hope this #LookOfTheDay helps inspire your Transition SLAY! 🦄💫💖💋

~Glitter Kisses


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  • Frances Vasquez

    Too cute 😍

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