Make This FALL Pop!!!

Hey Glitterdoll,

Is your closet FALL-ready? Which category does your closet fall into? FALL-lover or Please, bring Summer back? If you answered the latter, why girlie? Does the Fall season intimidate your wardrobe, make you think of dull, dark, sullen colors, or box your style options? Well sweetpea, you're not thinking like a stylish unicorn should!!!

Check out these tips on How To Make Fall Colors Pop!:

1. Add a metallic wacky (like a spritely copper) to the dull khaki!

2. ROCK that Heather Grey Hat with a POP of color on the brim! 

3. Mix moody, pastel colors like mustard with a sultry 'tawny port' lip! 

4. Pardon my 'navy peony' & 'pink yarrow' flava mix.

5. You've been dying to dye it... SO DO IT! Go bold!!! Deep violet purple, perhaps? 

6. Go camouflage & commando! Who's gonna know, your secret stays in the glitter vault!

7. Buy the one statement piece that makes you smile every time you walk by your closet... and go for the sparkle. SEXY, SHINY BOOTS!!!! 

8. Be Unapologetic with your style options... always find a creative, slay-way to take it up a notch!

Lata loves, SLAY me proud! 



(Pantone credit: @erikafirm)


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