#StallionJeans - Real Jeans for Real Curves!


Sun shine, fun time. Sun's out, skin's out. Time to bask, time to bronze. But what about those moments when I just want to throw on a pair of light jeans that don't gap at the waist, or feel like cardboard creeping up my thighs, or mom jeans that sit 2 inches below my bra line... basically, the tailored fit for my unapologetic curves - we're talking homegrown, #MyMamasFromPenscola hips, booty, & thighs! 

Ladies, I have a confession. For years, I've had one pair of go-to denim jeans that I will constantly rotate because they are my best, super loyal pair! And trust me, I've tried various brands. But this pair goes along for the ride whether I am in heels or flats, sitting or walking, bloated or just plain ole greedy. But they too have run their course. 

So I found myself on a mission as I talked to my girlfriends, I found that I'm not the only one who has issues finding the perfect fit for jeans. And for me "perfect" means:

A. Quality feel in color and fabric

B. Smooth - Not cardboard stiff

C. Good stretch for my stallion thighs and booty. 

D. Can be rewashed over time and still snatch right back into place without losing their elasticity. 

E. Don't cost $129 yet still leave waist gap in the back because I have to buy a bigger size up to compliment the southern girl hourglass, then strap on a belt to avoid gaping. #Ughhhhh

All of the above, prompted me to explore & find something for my curvy ladies & I'm glitter geeked to announce.... #StallionJeans HAS ARRIVED!!!!!


Jhhhaaasssssss curves!!!! I absolutely LOVEEEE these vintage wash, destructive jeans, they meet the "perfect" criteria for a woman with curves! And because of the Lycra rayon-blend, the slim-thick silhouette shows and FITS true to form. I am wearing a true size 9, instead of scooping a size 12 for my thighs, & risking waist gap that a belt will have to come to the rescue and snatch in. No more!

Ladies, trust me it's not the tummy teas, or waist belts, or hours in the gym that will cater to your beautiful curves.... IT'S YOUR JEANS!!! 

Pre-order your #StallionJeans with your Unicorn coupon while this special is available. 👖💋 Use code: STALLIONSTACKED at check out for discount! 

#StallionJeans #WeLoveYourCurves 


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    love this pooh ❤️✨💫🙌🏾 #BGM

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