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  • How-To Sew & Style: ROCK Stilettos with Sweatpants (Make It Sexy!πŸ’‹)

    Hey Glitterdolls!!! Sweatpants & stilettos, sounds opposing right?Β  Interestingly enough, my style can be a bit off-the-wall & always unapologetic - some days I want to wear a gown to Target, other days a fitted cap & sweatpants do my heart justttt fine and dandy! But how can we merge... View Post
  • #LOTD: Transition from Summer to FallπŸŒžπŸ‚πŸƒ

    Hey Glitterdolls! Welp, how do we bid farewell to Summer without totally leaping forward into Fall? Trust me, I know you are totally ready to strap on your boots, a scarf, and a trenchcoat all in the name of FALL! However, here are a few subtle tips to transition into the new season without doin... View Post