2018 Vision Board e-Course: Life Beyond The Cut-Outs


Hello Visionista!

ARE YOU READY TO MANIFEST YOUR 2018 DREAMS! Let's discover methods that will help actualize the dream beyond magazine cut-outs. 2018 is all about YOU! I've created a fun, quick e-course that will prepare you to host a vision board party with the girls or on your own! Good music, tasty wine, tons of laughs, and limitless dreams.

In this e-course, I encourage you to dig deep and consider... If there were no barriers  - financial, emotional, or physical – to make you question your dreams, what would your dreams be? What if I told you that all you feared, YOU actually created, and all that you seek to attain, has been waiting for you to say the word all along.  You’re here today to set your intention, and design your life the way YOU want it. Because if you don’t do it, someone else will do it for you, and it won’t be NEARLY as FAB! 

The course includes:

- List of materials

- Dream questionnaire

- e-Course video: Life Beyond the Cut-Outs

So click the link and enroll, Glitterdoll. Your 2018 Magic of Manifestation awaits...





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