About TGA

The Glitter Agency is an upscale, curio boutique of premium handcrafted garments. A hidden gem for the unapologetic woman, her luxury lifestyle, socialite calendar, elegance and individuality. Our form-fitting designs compliment sexy silhouettes and stilettos...

Visionary and Designer, Erika Everett, has nurtured and cultivated a haven for accentuating hourglass curves on the sewing machine since 2016. Adorning each stitch and gown with one thing in mind for each Glitterdoll, "feel beautiful and be unapologetic." With years of experience in the fashion industry - special occasion wear, bridal, pageants and runway- Erika specializes in curating magical garments with passion, efficiency and creativity. Producing garments in limited quantities to maintain slay individuality and Glitterdoll exclusivity. Because who wants to look like everybody else!?

As an eminent, stylish fashion house, our mission is to devour your closet, empower your confidence, turn heads and make your heart smile. 

Slay us proud!


~Glitter XOXO