About us


Our Shop. 

Custom. Bold. Unique. Our fashion selections set our clientele apart and cater to the aesthetics of their unapologetic lifestyle. Our motivation helps individuals discover what best fits their personality, professionalism and lifestyle with staple pieces that are a must for one's style, closet and social media snaps!

Our Services. 

We are Miami's one-of-a-kind custom design & styling agency that assists clients worldwide with untouchable confidence and signature style. We serve high profile individuals and leading brands with premier innovation, fashion forward concept development, and unapologetic sass... Image, it TOTALLY matters!

Our Goal: To provide fashion & lifestyle design services for individuals (socialites, entrepreneurs, models, athletes, entertainers, etc), brands, &/or corporations seeking leverage via brand and profile enhancement. 

Our Services: Image assessment & consulting, wardrobe styling and enhancement, quality fabric sourcing and production, custom avant garde fashion designs, style guide portfolios, correspondence & coordination. We also provide creative concept development for marketing campaigns, photo shoots, brand presence, fashion productions, print advertising & editorials, television, feature films, music videos, concert performance, tours and special occasion appearances.

Our Affiliates: Our agency partners with top professionals in various lifestyle genres including Photography, Beauty, Models, Live Entertainment, Food & Wine Tours, & Private Catering.
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