Divine & United Collection - Custom Order Hoodie

Divine & United Collection - Custom Order Hoodie

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Stand divine & united as history is being made. Use code "Divine9" for 10% off.

Directions: Select the year organization was established. Sweatshirt and font color designed as follows:

1906 - Black & Gold

1911 - Red & White

1911 - Purple & Gold

1914 - Blue & White

1922 - Blue & Gold

1963 - Brown & Gold

Top features:

  • Quality & Comfort sweatshirt 
  • Included Kangaroo pockets 
  • Women’s Finish: Regular Length or Crop-Me-Out (raw cut) or Open-Shoulder (raw cut)
  • Men’s Finish: Regular Length or Muscle Hoodie (raw cut, arms exposed)

Workout-worthy fit but totally not required... Luxe, Leisure & Lifestyle! 

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Email our team for custom color-scheme requests that best REPRESENT your style & pride! Men’s style & fit available upon request. 
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