Fashion Healed Me Faux Leather Jacket

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Background story from Erika:

A little about me... I graduated from University of Florida (Whoo hoo, Go Gators!) in Health Science Education - TOTALLY unrelated to fashion, no worries, it'll fall in line with the story...just keep reading! Lol After graduation, I managed a Day Spa and cohesively ran a Personal Training Studio for a few years. In 2008, I took ill - liver infection- and moved back home for a total change in nutrition and lifestyle. After moving back, out of nowhere, I started getting the urge to create. I initially began designing accessories (earrings, clutches, bow ties), and one day, I needed a dress that I couldn't find at any stores, so I made it myself! From there, one pebble created a SLAY ripple effect of orders into igniting my passion for fashion design and style, thus The Glitter Agency today. "Fashion Healed Me" really is my truth, the more I created, the less I focused on illness, which led to recovery along with healing deep-seated past emotional trauma. So yeah, I'm pretty much a self-taught designer with the passion of an artist who expresses herself through bold, unapologetic fashions. The unexpected journey took a life on its own the more I embraced it and surrendered to it. Fashion fuels me out of my comfort zone, it ignites creative freedom, and expressive boldness with every stitch and garment. The exciting venture freaks me out but satiates my palette so much that I can't get enough of it! I never would have imagined this be my life and I am soooo glitter geeked to explore each and every day, unapologetically!

Oh, and about Jacket Deets:

- Faux Leather 

- Charcoal Blackish Grey

-Slim Fit (Model is wearing a Medium)

-Two way zip away

- With pockets