Sewww Funkdafied: Teen Edition

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This fun, expressive class is just for the teen who is too creative for words, has their own fashion style, and wants more stylish independence with proper guidance how to create it! In this 2 hr beginner's course, he or she will learn how to use a sewing machine, understand body portion, types of fabric, pattern selection, and how to sew their own garments with integrity behind every stitch! 

OCTOBER SCHEDULE - Weekend classes are available. Please check availability dates, weekday classes are available upon request. Parent will be contacted to confirm scheduling and address details will be provided after registration completion. Parent or Guardian must be present during class, it is highly recommended your child understands the pertinence of proper conduct with sewing equipment.*

Ages: 13-17

Lunch will be included, please inform us of allergies. Email -

Rent or Own options available. (All options to "Own" includes ONE sewing machine per package, and also includes 1 hr sewing machine tour on your sewing machine.)

Bring a friend for 1/2 off!

Proper sewing machine safety and usage is a must. Release of Liability is ensued upon booking.